PART II: The Unfathomable Depths

by Xolti

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released July 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Xolti Kentucky

Xolti is a one man doom metal project from Kentucky which explores all facets of horror.

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Track Name: Splintered Hulls and Cracked Masts
Deep beneath the swelling seas, In the depths of the chasm, Slumbers the cruel hand of Vorator.
Born of primordial seas, Hateful mistress, Lay eyes upon the beast, Dragged down to the deep,

Listen well to these words, Before thou ventures forth, Death awaits upon the swells, White caps stained red,
The vengence of the gods, Reaches forth from the depths, splintered hulls and cracked masts, Litter the mistress,

Gatekeeper of the seas, reaching from the black deep, Fear ye the tentacled beast,
Long before the rise of man, Birthed from the Eater's hand, Tread not unto her realm,
Peril awaits the uncautious, Sacrifices must be made, Safe passage found upon the lips of maddness,


Black shall grow horizons, Tossing thy vessel in battering waves, Spat forth from the eons thy death awaits,
Spoken of in ancient tongues, The black beast giveth no asylum, Utter thine prayers unto empty skies,
Low shall ye be laid, by the follower of the wakes, unless she be sated upon thy life,

Refrain 2 Times:
Track Name: Setting Sail
We set sail, Unto oblivion, Knowing not our fate, Knowing not what we do,
The horizon, Blackens with our approach, Courage and huberous, One in the same,
The gods working, Unseen in opposition, Of our ill-fated, Enterprise,
The anchor a weighed, Full sail, Into the unknown maw of death,

Three days of rough seas, White caps and black skies, A hateful gale assails, Condemned souls,
Set a watch high, Upon the mast, Sharpen your eyes, For what follows in our wake,
It reaches from the depths, Torn sails and splintered hull, Behold the god's revenge, given form,
These screams shall not be heard, Death comes as but a whisper, Dragged down, To the deep,

The tentacles rose, Death chokes the air, Black filth fills every mouth,
Gnashing teeth, Cyclopian eye, Breathless let, Water fill these lungs,
This hell came upon us, Not without warning, Ignored, Unto our doom,
The waters calm, Sun rises upon one soul, Set adrift, Left to tell the tale,
Track Name: Relegated Unto The Asylum
Washed up upon the shores, Battered and Tormented, By the Tempests, That Rage,
Not unto the, Welcoming arms, But doused in suspicion, For they know not the horror I have seen,
They pity not my sorrow, For I find myself alone,

Relegation unto to the asylum, Deaf ears turned upon my pleas, I am, Abandoned, I am, Set adrift,l
No one listens, No one hears, My warning shall go unknown,

Lashes dealt upon, My body, Their tortures a triviality,
For I have seen, The unknowable, Reaching forth from the deep,
Let them venture forth, Let them sail unto their death, While here I rest,

Relegation unto to the asylum, Deaf ears turned upon my pleas, I am, Abandoned, I am, Set adrift,l
No one listens, No one hears, My warning shall go unknown,