PART I: Fear & Tranquility

by Xolti

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released June 20, 2015

All Guitars, Bass, Vocals, and Programming by: BL



all rights reserved


Xolti Kentucky

Xolti is a one man doom metal project from Kentucky which explores all facets of horror.

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Track Name: Vorator Rising
Born of the acausal void, predating all existence,
Slumber for millennia until creation,
Awakened consciousness, formless and infinite,
Blackened tentacles spreading its influence,
All began to coalese, control was exerted,
The origins of the species was calculated.
***Sored and mastered by the ancient gods of creation,
Given dominion over Sol, Vorator arise,
An apex consciousness behind a lover's eyes,
Creator of the continuum, Vorator arise,
Blood be thy conduit of immortality,
Take form through sacrifice, Vorator arise,
Nine globes possessing populations for breeding,
The pinnacle of each form for Vorator,
Bluest of these spheres, birthing humanity,
A paradox dominance, arrogant fragility,
Ascention through violence, growing evermore grotesque,
The masses controlled, maintaining their ignorance,
Reality must be veiled behind delusion,
Let not a single word slip of our existence,
Allow small measures of, power by design,
Give them diversion, tainted with lies,
Set them in opposition, bring famine, war, and disease,
Breed in them suspicion, give them peace with unease,
Track Name: The Shadows That Writhe
***Behold the shadows that writhe on the wall,
Hear ye the voidal voices, an ancient call,
Find thy love poised in opposition,
Behold ye the shadows that writhe,
Love's voice in conversation with the unseen,
Psychological deterioration,
Joylessness reflected in sallow eyes,
Feeding cardiac alienation,
Rigid fragility,
An impenetrable desolation,
***Behold ye the shadows of dismay,
Hear ye the voices of hate,
Find thy love poised in opposition,
Behold ye the shadows that writhe,
Love's voice in collusion with conspiracy,
Paranoia infection,
Building a year's calculation,
Subjugating thy spirit,
In consuming hopelessness,
Security asunder,
The predators descending,
***Behold ye the shadows of fear,
Hear ye the voices of ill intent,
Find thy love poised in opposition,
Behold ye the shadows that writhe,
Love's voice plots an unknowable demise,
Terror stricken psyche,
Panic's veil, cataracted eyes,
Seated in honor,
A Damoclesian feast,
Low swings the sword,
Impending fated collision,
***Behold ye the shadows of tranquility,
Hear ye the voices of acquiescence,
Love now in benevolent opposition,
Behold ye the shadows that writhe,
Love's voice of coercion eclipsing horror,
Enveloped in crushing apathy,
Tattered soul longing for release,
Willingly to the alter,
Acceptance is paramount,
The apex predator,
Thou art not...
Track Name: Of The Tranquil Sacrifice
Sunrises upon this Earth,
Yours have been numbered from brith,
They have been counted now comes the reckoning,
Lay your body upon the alter,
This will all be over soon,
Rest easy and assured,
Your madness ends here,
Close your eyes and feel release from suffering,
***Now you shall return to the void from where you were born,
Death is transitory,
Half-blooded, not of this world,
Give yourself over to this,
Acquiescence is necessity,
Realization washes over you as you accept fate,
Love's eyes fixed to mine,
Tranquil death by her hands,
Look not away,
Mind lost upon the way,
Now blessed is this reprieve from our pain,
Descent of 365 days,
Dig the knife slowly in,
Gush forth thy conduit,
Relinquish this mortal shell unto Vorator,
Silence shattered by the cries,
From the crib of the future sacrifice,
Terror grips the mind as Vorator arises,
The end is closing in,
As life fades from mortal eyes,
The consciousness takes hold and Vorator arises,
Mortal gods fear to tread,
And now bow at thy feet,
The consciousness is omnipotent and Vorator arises,